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Hurt People Hurt People

Hurt People Hurt People means, when you get hurt you hurt others because you are in a bad mood or you want them to know how you feel. When you are hurt you hurt someone else and they hurt another and then another. Its the rippling affect. And with this YOU can make a difference.


Do you need help? Is your child a bully or being bullied? Well if so we have a whole page for you. To support you and anwser questions.

Who to talk to

Are you questioning who to talk to? I know you might not be comfortable but it definatley is going to impact the problem in a big way.I know Ive been there not wanting to tell an adult but trust me it helps so read this for more information.

Tools To help

Do you need some stress relif or tools? When I say tools I mean as in avoiding the bully or ways to ignore him or her. Stress relief is something you can do to come down and not keep it all balled up inside.

Inspiring Stories

Stories from kids who were bullied. How they got out. How they felt, how you can relate. They were kids just like you who went through a ruff time. They might have been bullied both verbally and phicically, mabey even cyberbullyed.

Inspiering Quotes

Heres some nice quotes that were said by peple like you. They really inspired us. I hope you can agree. "People dont reconize that there doing hurt."-Sue Mccue "Follow the crowd follow the leader."-Cherie "Emotions and feelings are energy in motion."- Chetna Mehta "Never let someone decide who you are. Be braveley yourself." - Emily "Bullying can happen when we dont understand eachother. Empathy is such an important first step in understanding peoples differences."-Jenni

Need more help? Ask a trusted adult.