Global Warming And The Challenges That Changes The Way We Live
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Global Warming is very important it can really effect our futures and is very important to contribute to help save our future generations. The purpose me and my group are writting about Global Warming is because the folowing resons.#1 Climate Changes #2 Why People ignore Global Warming #3 The outcome of Global Warming


A little summary about Climate Change

Global Warming causes melting and it goes in the ocean rasing to sea levels. In the west it is geting hotter and hotter because of climate change.Scientists have found that the frequency of North Atlantic hurricanes had increased since the early 1980,as well as the number of stormes that reach catagories 4 and 5.

A paregraph about Global Warming and the effects it does and ways to try to stop.

Acording to my reserch scientists continue to develop new ways to modernize power plants,generate cleaners,electricity,and burn less gasoline while we drive.

Why people are ignoreing Global Warming.

One of my team mates talked to a PHD Earth Science and is named Hanna and she wrote a article in her college newspaper and wrote about Global Warming.Then later people started to thank her because people have witen about it but have ignored them then she wrote about it aging then people realize that it was really a big problem.

Global Warming

Before and After

The ice is melting slowly

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