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Testimony 1

From addiction to God

This man grew up poor, he got picked on, and he didn’t have many friends. At the age of 14, he started to play music with a group of older guys who were into things he was not into yet. Around that time is when he started to smoke weed. He instantly got addicted. He first started to smoke weed every weekend, and then it started to turn into an everyday thing. Since he didn’t have a job he started to steal from his family. Since he was a thief, no one wanted anything to do with him, including his family. One day he was sitting in his brothers basement praying to God because he knew he was in a really bad path. Two weeks later his family sat him down to tell him that he needed help. He started to go to Breaking Free and they helped him, and he found God again.

Testimony 2

Set free from drug addiction

This woman started her drug addiction at the age of fourteen. At the age of seventeen she started rehab. She knew about God and was always a chrishtan, so she would pray and read the bible still everyday. She then became an alcoholic because it “wasn’t as bad as drugs.” At the age of eighteen she had nowhere to stay so she became homeless. She remembered she used to get high and then go to a little corner and talk to God. She found out she had herpes and she got cured from them. The doctor told her she couldn’t ever have a natural birth, and then a wonderful miracle happened, and she had a natural birth of her son. She is a wife, leader in church, mentor, etc. After twenty years God has changed her life forever.

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