The Grey Area

because racism is not black and white.

Our mission is to empower people of color and break down structural racism by promoting awareness, education, and communication.


What We Are Fighting Against

Structural Racism consists of policies, practices and programs of several institutions that perpetuate less favorable conditions for communities of color compared to white communities that occurs within the context of racialized historical and cultural conditions. Learn more about the types of racial inequity here.

About Us

We are a diverse group of young women that met at BraveCamp which empowers girl through code.

Dayinaira Misiewicz

Dayinaira was born on April 14,2004 in Arkansas. Her brother got her into coding when she was ten years old. She thinks humans cross the line and create issues such as racism and gun violence. Kids are dying everyday and our generation should be the one to step up and say something.

Sara Vianna

Sara was born on May 21, 2001 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Being part of the latinx community, Sara has experienced prejudice and understands the complexity that is tied to racial discrimination. She believes everyones has it in themselves to acknowledge the problem and work together to solve it. Sara hopes her generation will be next to fight racism and change history's pattern of prejudice.

Taliah Borom

Taliah was born in Bloomington,Indiana on August 21st 1998. Being an African American woman,racism and gun violence is very relevant in her life. Throughout her life she has had many experiences with both topics. She hopes this website can educate communities, but also empower them to use their voice and make change in our world!

Lamariea Britton

Lamariea was born on February 2,2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Racism and gun violence are issues close to her heart because they are delicate subjects that deeply affect their a lot of people. Lamariea says racism gets on her nerces because it labels,sterotypes, and judges people because of the color of their skin. She wants to take the first step to end it.

Courtney Allan

Courtney was born on November 7, 2002 in Speedway, Indianapolis. She says gun violence and racism are huge problems that need to be solved. Courtney has seen her own family go through those issues when her cousin got held at gun point twice, and she believes now is the time to do something about it.