About Us

The three of us are from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Deepasha and Amanda are going to be freshmen in high school this school year. Cam is entering the eighth grade. We all are attending the Brave xSTEM Santa Fe camp and thats why you are reading this.

Why did we create this app?

We all felt that people with a mental illness need support beacause they often do not have a support system. Within families support may not be the strongest. We wanted people to be able to have a free and easy way to feel like they have someone to go to when they are feeling alone. All of us have have friends or family members with a mental illness and have felt helpless to them. We wanted to step up and help others to prevent permanent and bad situations.

What to know about our app

This app is a support system for all people with a mental illness or for people that are stresses out. This app is also to inform you about mental illnesses and what symptoms are caused by them. This app is in no way shape or form to offend people of turn people away from others with mental illnesses. NOTICE: If you have a friend of family member with a mental disease plase get help! We have listed hotlines to call!