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Help the Environment by
Donating Plastic

These donations can be done in the following ways:

If you want to make an even greater difference, GoodWaste will donate money to a charity of your choosing if you become a member for free.

Along with the membership, you can earn discounts at the GoodWaste online store to shop for items made from the plastic you donate!

Convert Plastic into
Items and Appliances

You can get paid helping the environment by making useful products from plastic.

In addition, work is flexible. You make your own schedule-be your own boss.

Shop for
Converted Plastic Items

Everyone loves shopping! Why not help the environment too? You can do that by shopping at the GoodWaste online store where there are plenty of items made from donated plastic.

By becoming a member, you can earn discounts to GoodWaste products and choose which charity some of the money you spend on items will go to.