More Positive Content: Do's and Dont's

Female Influencers: Do's

What you post on your feed is very important on how certain things can affect others. posting appropriate content can help portray social media on a more positive side. Another thing you can do about being more positive on social media is to post a positive message. If you show the highs in lows in life it would allow your content to feel more humanized

Post things you are proud of. Doing this can allow you to feel more secure about what people see. Being comfortable is very essential when it comes to social media because it can become very dangerous.

Being authentic means someone who is more genuine.For example,showing a more real side of you on the internet allows you to be more relatable. You can grow a more vulnerable bond with your followers.

Female Influencers: Dont's

Social media is where people share there lives and promote products but everything needs a balence. Having balence on social media is not over posting your life. Giving infomation out only yourselfs needs to know can bring danger to not only you but people around you. Its a danger over sharing because, "Instagram's 1 billion monthly active users, more than 500 million of them use the platform every day - Todd Clarke." If your not privete this allows ANYONE to access your account.

Bullying is a big thing that happens over social media that is NOT ok. Cyber bullying can lead to people being suicidal. for example, "Over 14 percent of teenage students have considered suicide -Digital Humans."


Always ask your friends permiddion to be in any photo. Tagging them in photos they are not ok with is a negitive way to be on social media. You should treat other people on social media how you want to be treated.