"Raising AWARENESS to mend the chains of change one link at a time"

- Brina Taylor


In our communities, the lack of fair jobs, adequate housing, quality healthcare, good schools, funding, and the true commitment from the political and governmental officials has had a negative impact not just on the community itself but especially women. Women are responsible for rearing their children to be successful members of society while working a full time job and being an active member of society which can include but is not limited to: helping out at church, attending events for their children and or family members, having babies, taking care of the house, caring for sick loved ones, tending to their partners, volunteering, going to school to earn the highest education they can, caring for the homeless, and so much more that some may never know about. However, one person who did not make that list was the woman herself. One would think that she would be able to have the resources to make sure she is at least healthy, but for so many, healthcare is not even an option.


Accessibility refers to the access to healthcare places where planning takes place before women decide to have children, birthcontrol practices are made known, and the basic care is given for women to be as healthy as possible. The results to a lack of adequate access includes teen pregnancy, children being aborted, foster care, Sexually Transmitted Infections, diseases, and sometimes the fatality of both children and mothers. Planned Parenthood is an organization that focuses on making sure that women have access to disease prevention, cures to infections and diseases, a chance to plan their pregnacy, abortions, and most importantly, birth control. The point of it all is to make sure women understand that they have a choice because it is THEIR body. There should be no shame regardless of what a woman faces (disease, abortion, infertility, a child being born, and anything else) a woman deserves to be supported especially when she can't do it herself.


The involvement of both the government with funds and the involvement of women in the government is neccessary to begin top-down reformation that will assist the grassroot reformers. This is needed to truly make a change that is lasting. Even though we have women involved in politics it is not nearly as many as it should be. I believe that there needs to be equal representation from both sides present. It begins with more and more women continuing to go to collge to earn a post-secondary education. There has already been a significant increase in this number over the last decade, but we want to continue increasing that number exponetially. To bring it all togather, as a society we need to unite and completely omit the word inequality from our vocabulary and move forward while making sure everyone in the world has what they need and our world is a desirable place to live.

Meet the Author: Brina Taylor