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How Child Abuse Effects Children

In more serious cases, the effects of child physical abuse can include seizures, permanent blindness or deafness, paralysis, mental and developmental delays and, of course, death. The longer the abuse continues, the greater the impact on the child, regardless of age.

How To Spot Sexual Abuse

signs of sexual abuse from children ages 0-3 fear excessive crying, feeding and bowel problems, sleeping problems and, failure to thrive. signs of children age 2-9 being sexualy abuse fear of certain things: people, places, activities, behavioral regression: bed wetting, stranger anxiety, trouble eating or changes in appetite, nightmares, trouble sleeping, withdrawal from loved ones, feeling shameful or guilty, masturbating excessively, victimizing others, fear of recurring attack. If you or somone you know is suffering from sexual abuse please call 1-800-656-4673.

How To Pervent Child Abuse

Ways to prevent child abuse, as well as stop child abuse from recurring, consists both of introducing protective factors against child abuse and eliminating the risk factors for child abuse. Both strategies have been shown to reduce the incidence of reported child abuse. also, Preventing child abuse can be done by addressing parenting. Specifically, the Administration for Children and Families identifies five protective factors for child abuse prevention.