Litter Rulers

"Controlling Litter day by day"

About our website

Litter Rulers is on a mission to create a cleaner Jamaica. We are mainly reaching out to the youths of Jamaica. Litter Rulers was made by five girls from Brave Camp 2017. We feel that littering is caused by the lack of human responsibility and if we change the minds of youth we will create a better generation. To do this we created an organization to educate youth on how to recycle, fun ways to create things using your trash and where to report someone who is constantly polluting your neighborhood.

When you need litter gone! You know who to call! The Litter Rulers.

About Us

Litter Rulers is an organization created by five Jamaican, teenage girls at Brave Camp 2017. Malika Fraser, 12 years old, Holy Childhood High school; Breanna Bisnott, 13 years old, Leah-Ann Chai,14 years old, Gabrielle Jones, 12 years old; all from Immaculate Conception High school, Kariel Pladley, 12 years old; Convent Of Mercy Academy. Using technology we hope to change the way people see the environment step by step.