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Safe Haven is on a mission to make adolescents feel safe by sharinbg coping methods and helpsing them realize they are not alone. Safe haven does this by providing mulitple chat rooms that can help people talk to people around their age. These people have many aspects of their struggle incommon. Also, Safe Have has inspirational quotes, a place where people can ask questions, and a variety of coping methods.

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Safe Haven shares the stories of people who have dealt with mental illness. These stories are put in place to inspire and reveal that people can find help and later gro from their struggles with mental illnesses. If you feel comfortable with sharing your story, please do so by emailing safehavenstory@gmail.com.

McKenna Kaminski's Story

McKenna Kaminski

McKenna Kaminski is just one of the many inspirations who have overcome depression, self harm, and suicidal thoughts. Growing up, McKenna moved to twelve different states and 13 different towns. Her father was an alcoholic, and later on her mother divorced him. During the divorce, McKenna resented her mother for breaking up the family. Later on, when McKenna was in high school, she found she did not filter her comments towards other people. She found in some situations people would look at her as a rude and an ignorant person. Through this pain, she found her way out by drinking. Drinking was her way to numb the pain that she was feeling with everything going on in her life. As time progressed, she felt helpless and hopeless. McKenna resorted to self harm to release the emotions and thoughts she was having. As McKenna states, “ For over a week straight [she] took over 20 ibuprofens every single day up to 3 times a day.” She found that this would be her easiest way to die. One day during school, she started to feel as if “someone [was scraping] a knife down” the inside of her stomach. She ended up going to the nurse and seeing if she could go home, but she fainted while waiting in line. Once she had enough energy to go back to class, she made her way back to lunch. During lunch, she could barely stay awake. When the dean noticed, she called the nurse, and McKenna went home. During this time, McKenna’s friend saw the scars on her arm from the self harm, and messaged McKenna’s sister. Then, McKenna’s sister informed their step father, who told her mom. McKenna’s mom saw the immediate need for McKenna to go to the hospital to get help. McKenna ended up in the hospital, and later stayed in the psychiatric ward for three days. After being released, McKenna found great help from going to therapy. McKenna now shares her story of self harm, depression, and suicidal thoughts on her mental health blog/project, The Punctured Soul Project. McKenna is just one example of the life someone can have after finding help with their depression, self harm, and suicidal thoughts. Visit McKenna's Punctured Soul Project here!

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