Helping raise awareness to Representation Of Minorities in literature.

About Us

About Us

We are girls who want to raise awareness of how little minorities are represented in the media. Marginalized people and authors in these groups need a place to find works with characters like them.

Representing Minorities

In our opinion, people of all cultures and beliefs would feel more included in the society we live in today if they were respresented more in the stories we read and the shows and movies we watch. Not just in small flims but more famous films as well.

Being Stereotypical

Assuming what a person goes through based on the color of their skin or their beliefs can be offensive. It is best to avoid trying to make stories that revolve around what you would assume the characters go through because of how they look. Instead, it would be best to just make a story of any sort, then add a character of any color or beliefs.

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