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Health Girls mission is to help with transportation, communication,and improve response time, for the elderly, young children, minorities, and neglected patients.

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About the App

The HE!P app is designed to increase the effeciency of transportationto hosipitals, clinics and Trauma Centers. This app will also hopefully create more awareness amongst patients

This app includes:

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General Health Transportation

This feature of the app is design to transport people who cannot access other means of transportation to hospitals and clinics.

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Emergency Button and Transportation

This feature is designed to alert transport people in critical condition to hospitals or trauma centers, alert the police, and notify the hospitals of incoming trauma.

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Communication With Doctors

This section will allow people to communicate with their doctors through the app, learn more about how their body works, and it includes a map that shows nearby hospitals, clinics, trayma centers, and ambulances.


Making transportation to the hospitals easier and increasing the access to medical help!

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Health Transportation

Like Uber, health transportation communicates to drivers around them that they need to get to the hospital.

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Within the map, the user will see not only where they are, but the surrounging drivers and ambulances.

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We wanted to untilize carsharing by using something like Uber to help people get to the hospital faster. We wanted to help create a way that allows a high access of transportation.

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Emergency Transportation

This allows patients to not only get to hospitals faster, but helps them survive since drivers are Medically certified and will have a second person in the vehical to help incase of critical care.

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Drivers who sign up to drive Emergency Transportation are all certified to take care of patients in critical care. There is a clear screening procress they will go through so they are aware of what to do in a serious situation.

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Cars that are chosen to be Emergency Transportation will be provided with a light to put on their dashboard to indicate that they are an Emergency vehical. The App will indicate to the light when to turn on.

Communication Between Patient and Doctor

Why Is Communication Important?


    Even in mordern times, some doctors speak to patients differently depending on the patient's race. In order to prevent such events from happening, He!p is equipped with a texting chat box rather than a video chat.

  • Volume vs. Value

    Many medical professionals also get away with neglecting to actually take care of their patients as, many times, how they treat their patients is not seen. Since the app keeps track of the conversations between patients and physicians, the behavior towards the patient can be viewed.

  • To Prevent Disconnection

    As a result of the previously mentioned point, disconnection between doctors and patients occurs often. He!p hopes to create a bond between the patient and their main physician.

  • Example of Communication

    Here is an example of what a typical chat may look like within the app. In a chat, you may converse with your doctor or other physicians.

Our Amazing Emergency Button

A Way To Bring Transportation To You.

Why Did We Create This Button?

We created this emergency button for you after recognizing that individuals who receive lower income and who live in segregated communities do not have access to care providers. So, with this app we are attempting to bring transportation to those who are in need of care quicker and easier.

How Does This Button Work?

  1. Click/tap the emergency button.
  2. Your uber will be alerted and will be on their way.
  3. Your doctor will be notified.
  4. The police will be alerted that there is an emergency situation.

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