Power of the Media

Social Hierarchy

Distorted media images around teens result in a skewed reality of self, a preconceived notion of societal labels and this is caused by promotion of an "ideal" body image.

The idea often placed into the minds of teenagers is often centered around the notion that in order to have a place in the world they have to climb to the top of this conceptual hierarchy that society has created. The placement of someone on this hierarchy can be due to racial background, social economic classes, sexual orientation, physical appearance etc. often times teens struggle with finding their place in the world and are repremanded for who they are which can lead to a loss of customs and culture. This idea of having to reach a state of unnatainable perfection is promoted by the media's portrayl of a fabricated reality.

" I wanted to be part of the known crowd. There is that pressure you feel to fit in. You go into highschool and have an idea of what it is based on unrrealistic stories social media shows you, however once the day comes your in a rush to find who you are. I rushed myself trying to be something I was not in order to fit into the "popular" crowd."-Anonymous

" I wanted to have a clique that gave me good vibes. However, I questioned myself : what if people dont like me what if I am the lowest person on the social pyramid. I often doubted myself and I felt weak."-Anonymous

" I wanted to be liked and I realised that in order to be on top I needed to be confident. However, at the end of the day how could i be confident without being my true self. "-Anonymous

" In my head it was so warped I felt like there was no way to climb the heirarchy" -Anonymous

"I could be dressed to the nine and still think i'm ugly " -Anonymous

" We are looking for places to fit in and hierarchy gives us that"-Anonymous

Brave Image

"Beauty to me is the feeling I get when I look at someones smile."-Anonymous

"Beauty is whatever gives somebody pleasure when they sense it. It is what sets our senses on fire and arouses our emotions. It is in the eye of the beholder but beholders perception shaped by what their social environment tells them is beautiful."-Anonymous

"Beauty is what you create and make your own" -Anonymous